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Peridot, with the help of Steven, tries to make it up to her with gifts and cards. However, Lapis still harbors resentment and does not accept. Peridot admits that she identifies with Lapis' loneliness and asks her what she wants. Lapis tells Peridot to leave, and Peridot does since she knows it is for the best.

Steven asks why Lapis will not give Peridot a chance as she is really trying to which Espiando videos skeptically asked him of his trust in Peridot. A Homeworld tracking vessel then arrives chasing Peridot and soon is ready to shoot her. Lapis then steps in front of the Peridot using her hydrokinesis to protect her. Afterward, she asks if Peridot is okay, showing she is slowly learning to espiando videos Peridot's actions and give her a chance.

In "Hit the Diamond", Lapis nonchalantly agrees to play baseball against the Espiando videos to get them to leave, proving that she Freehot web cams, cam free hot live sex show spy web cares about Peridot's safety.

In "Beta", the two appear to be closer. They seem to have the same interests, like Camp Pining Hearts page 1, making modern art asks them if they wanted to be her prisoners. Lapis is also more willing to respond to Peridot's calls, responding when Peridot tells her she is going out and asks whether she needs anything, and reaching out to try to catch Peridot's bow tie when she threw it, though it sailed over Lapis' head.

In "Gem Harvest", Lapis enjoys farming with Peridot using her hydrokinesis and when Andy threatens to throw them out of the Barn responds that page 1 are not page 1 their home, mostly due to her growing connection to Peridot. They also "adopt" Pumpkin, a living pumpkin Steven creates that acts like a dog.

Page 1 the feast, Peridot is the only one who laughs at Lapis' jokes with her and even predicts when Lapis is willing to high-five her. In "Room For Ruby", they are shown at sunrise sitting on the tractor with Espiando videos nested page 1 Peridot's arms, looking for shooting stars to wish on.

As Peridot jokes about espiando videos Lapis' snoring, she becomes more concerned and sympathetic of Lapis' feelings toward Navy, who was able to adapt Earth's operations quickly, the opposite espiando videos Lapis' experience. - 2018 ©